Here, you get to know about the work of the association, planned for the future.
Especially about the sorbian culture-tourism, that sees itself as mediator and counsellor for the associations in the field of tourism in the Upper and Lower Lusatia. An association, that has - as the only one of its kind - shown through actions, that they worked out the guiding principle of tourism for Lusatia.
Additionally, it shall be reported about the work of the sorbian wedding procession Schleife

The reports are going to be spread onto other associations

Njepilic-dwór z.t. (Njepila-yard r.a.) is active for a year, now. The point of main emphasis is considered to be the restoration of the of the three-side-yard, which was built 195 years ago by the half-farmer and self-taught person Hanzo Njepila from Rohne (1766 - 1856). Thanks to his writings, it was able to conserve our language of Schleife.

created: 28.04.2001
last update: 28.04.2001