I want to present interesting information to every visitor to my homepage! Wšyckim wopytarjam mojich stronach chcu něco wosebite poskićeć!
A warm welcome to the private homepage of Manfred Hermasch D-02959 Schleife-Rohne
If you have a little time, being perhaps a bit curious, than I want to invite you to learn on the next pages something about our region, the Sorbians or about me. Everything is bound to the theme:

An evangelical Sorbian in middle Lusatia — ewangelski Serb w srjedźnej Łužicy. Where ? In the region of Schleife.

  • Pressing the button "Sorbe und Glaube" „Sorbians and belief” “translation” you will get to the next page, where the regional and confessional differences in Lusatia will shortly be presented to you.
  • Choosing the button “Domowina” a short overview about the organization of the Sorbians will be given to you.
  • With the button “Landtag” you get to the page of my political work in the Landtag of Saxony and at the Kreistag in Niesky.
  • Via the button “Vereine” you get to the associations, that I work in.
  • Under “Privates” I will shortly introduce myself.
  • In “Gästebuch” you can express impressions and wishes.
  • Under “Tips” you will find the sorbian fonts for download, to get everything presented in the right form.
  • And finally “News” gives you actual information from our region.

created: 28.04.2001
last update: 02.10.06