Being Sorbian and then also evangelic, isn’t it a contradiction in itself? Why?

In Germany there are only Germans - perhaps some that moved there.

But Lusatia is nevertheless in the east of Germany and since more than 1500 years home to the Sorbians.

Who wants to know more about the history of the Sorbians in general or special should choose the link to the Domowina - the league of lusatian Sorbians r.a. (Sorbians). Who wants to have it scientific more exactly should visit the HP of Sorbian philology at the university of Leipzig (Sorbian philology). And as special delicacy I can present the link to the HP of the sorbian artists association (Servi). It is good, to get a theme presented from different sides, so that one can form his own opinion. On the Domowina-page the history is - shortly summarized - presented in upper-sorbian and german.

In many publications we are described as practising catholic Christians. This is not true. The region of the catholic Sorbians is relatively small between Wittichenau, Kamenz and Bautzen.

And the “evangelic” Sorbians live in the rest of lusatia?

WRONG - because there are no “the evangelic”. Three evangelic established churches let grow differences in the lived belief. These borders are at the same time the borders of the different costume-regions. Further information can be obtained from the map of the sorbian settlement area.

You can inform yourself to the differences of the sorbian evangelic regions an the next page
created: 28.04.2001
last update: 30.04.2001