Zwjazk za serbski kulturny turizm z.t Sorbian Culture-tourism r.a.

Our association, in which I work as treasurer in the executive board, has the following aims:

  • To advance the interest of visitors to the german-sorbian Lusatia in the history and culture of the Sorbians
  • To consider the interests of the sorbian people in projects of tourism
  • Authentic mediation of our way of life and cultural traditions


  • Spreading of knowledge about the history, culture and our way of life
  • Professional advice and cooperation with institutions and administration in all questions touching our interests
  • Development und co-work on conceptions
  • Cooperation with other ethnic groups in inland and abroad
  • Carrying out of projects
What did we achieve, yet?
  • Together with friesic and slowenic minorities accomplishment of a project of ethical groups for the opening of minorities with touristic offers
  • Production of a two-part-video about the region of middle Lusatia, the lived customs and the sorbian care for traditions in the parish of Schleife and Hoyerswerda (Access is possible via SKC)
  • Work-out of a sorbian culture-route with concrete bookable offers (Phase of testing goes until end of September 2001; after that accessible for all who are interested
created: 28.04.2001
last update: 29.04.2001